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- Psychic Lydia Dustin
Your Psychic Bestie


I call myself "Your Psychic Bestie" because I love people. I adore people and I want you to have a caring safe friend to rely on when in need of support and guidance. Especially when having paranormal situations, spiritual crisis, or other delicate issues that you can’t talk to your family and friends about.


I am a great listener and a 4th generation psychic specializing in reading people. What does that mean?


I read  the emotional, physical, and spiritual energy of people, places and objects.  Through pictures I read people's eyes and feel their Soul. I know who they truly are and what they really need.  


Which is a big help when you are feeling stuck and you don't know what you need. Or with romantic relationships. Or relating to parents, children, friends, any person your would like to know more about living or dead.  I even read pets. 


I love having people over in person or on Zoom for private session.


I also LOVE doing readings at private parties and big events. ​

At parties I offer tarot card reading, lipstick reading, and reading people's energy. 

How do you know I am the psychic for you?

Are you feeling stuck? 

Do feel like you might be psychic and you need to know for sure?


Are you going through a transition and you need a little support? 

Do you need clarity about your life's purpose?


Do you need help and clarity about your relationships?


Is your life great and you just want to have a psychic reading or a super fun psychic party?


Or are you looking for an experienced professional psychic for your next event or Gala? 

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Lydia Dustin 16 Longobardi Dr. Franklin MA or virtual. Please contact us 

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